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Leaders in Thermal Technology

Established in 2002 by a key group of engineers, manufacturing managers and fabricators from a 60-year-old Industrial Oven manufacturer, we hit the ground running and have never looked back. We bring you 200+ years of combined experience in the engineering, design, and manufacture of Industrial Ovens, Dryers, and complete Thermal Systems.

As an Industrial Oven and Dryer manufacturer we must not only meet strict design specifications, but will meet or exceed your energy efficiency and sustainability goals. We design these criteria into all of our Thermal Processing and Thermal Oxidizer equipment, and we also incorporate integral Heat Recovery Systems where designs permit. From simple curing, tempering, annealing, or stress relief ovens to thermal degreasing and curing systems requiring multiple heating processes, Perceptive will create the most cost-effective, energy-efficient systems available.

Our Services

We furnish valuable services in support of industrial ovens and associated technologies:

• We can retrofit industrial ovens and related equipment to meet the needs of modern manufacturing and industrial environments
• Our firm offers customized engineering assistance to help solve industrial environmental concerns
• As a top industrial oven manufacturer and consultant, we help businesses around the world improve efficiencies of production
• We can retrofit industrial ovens and related equipment to meet the needs of modern manufacturing and industrial environments

We'll help you discover creative solutions to a variety of industrial-oven, energy efficiency, heat recovery/distribution and pollution abatement issues. Let us help solve industrial engineering concerns related to your manufacturing processes.

Our Products

Perceptive Industries, Inc. from its location in Plainwell, Michigan, creates a wide array of customized industrial ovens designed to address specific customer goals. We serve firms engaged in diverse manufacturing environments, including companies with specialized aerospace and automotive facilities.

Our products fall into three broad categories: industrial ovens and dryers; thermal oxidizer and fume abatement equipment; and heat recovery systems

Our Products

Industrial Ovens and Dryers

Contact us for assistance to engineer, design, and build industrial ovens, including:

• Continuous Belt Curing Ovens
• Heat Treating Ovens
•Annealing Ovens
• Stress Relieving Ovens
• Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Ovens
• Drying Ovens
• Tempering Oven
• Conveyor Oven and more.

We can assist with a simple oven process or a complex, turnkey automated line. We support manufacturers from concept through production phases. For instance, we assist companies interested in designing robust energy efficient heat distribution systems that fit seamlessly beneath industrial ovens.

Thermal Oxidizer and Fume Abatement Equipment

We also furnish valuable assistance when plants or individual items of equipment require modification to conform with thermal oxidixer and fume abatement technologies. For instance, we possess the capabilities to help retrofit many older models of equipment, enabling them to meet modern production and environmental standards. Contact us for assistance with:

• Supplying thermal oxidizers to capture volatile organic compounds or other constituents in the air stream
• Consultations concerning regenerative thermal oxidizers and associated equipment
• Obtaining thermal oxidizers, catalytic converters, recuperative technologies and straight incineration products.
• We also carry several unique fume abatement and scrubber combinations.

We work to assist our customers in locating the best technologies and equipment to help meet business objectives. If you don't know whether a particular model of equipment will function effectively within your manufacturing facilities, contact us for a consultation.

Heat Recovery Systems

From its inception, PII’s projects have always centered on the optimization of thermal process performance. From combustion performance to heat recovery, the art of optimizing performance equates to reduced energy requirements per unit of product. PII’s services increase our customer’s sustainability by providing “green” solutions to their process energy needs.

Choose Perceptive Industries for your industrial oven and thermal processing equipment!

Perceptive Industries, Inc. of Plainwell, Michigan helps customers develop cost-effective solutions to address a variety of manufacturing concerns involving industrial ovens, heat manufacturing processes and related equipment. Just a few of the advantages we offer include:

• Extensive expertise and experience in the field of industrial ovens and related technologies
• Individual attention and dedicated liaisons, enabling you to obtain continuity of service from our design team
• Custom engineered solutions to meet your specifications
• Our capabilities match those of much larger competitors
• Responsive, cost-effective professional service.

The combined experience of our firm's personnel in this field exceeds 200 years. When you require the assistance of experts with the ability to devise innovative solutions to problems involving energy consumption, engineering design and pollution abatement issues impacting industrial ovens in a manufacturing or industrial environment, call on us. We'll help formulate efficient solutions to enable your firm's long term objectives.

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