About Perceptive Industries In Detroit Mi

Perceptive Industries is a dynamic company offering a wide range of products and services. Our core team of engineers , operations management and fabricators originated with MOCO Thermal Industries, formally known as Michigan Oven Company, a 60-year-old oven manufacturer who ceased operations in 2001. We offer engineering/design services along with full sheet metal and structural fabrication services locally while supplying thermal and fume abatement solutions worldwide.

From our inception, PII’s projects have always centered on the optimization of thermal process performance. From combustion performance to heat recovery, the art of optimizing performance equates to reduced energy requirements per unit of product. PII’s services increase our customer’s sustainability by providing green solutions to their process energy needs.

Perceptive Industries Inc provides a full range of engineering services, including feasibility studies, technical audits, project management, detailed engineering, turnkey design and construction, operations and maintenance services. We have over 200 years of combined engineering experience in heat recovery, fume abatement, curing, tempering, stress relieving, and drying processes. Our product range consists of:


•Mild Steel and Stainless
•Machine Bases
•Storage Tanks and Bins


Industrial Ovens

•Conveyorized Belt Systems

•Car Bottom
•Drop Bottom
•Roller Hearth
•Top Loading

Thermal Oxidizers



Heat Recovery Systems

•Air to Air
•Air to Glycol

•Sensible Heat Wheel Designs

As a regional provider, we supply a range of complete turnkey processing lines down to simple fabrication projects.

We have seen the challenges of manufacturing from inside as well as the outside. Constantly improving thermal technology drives us to provide energy and environmental solutions to help you lead your industry. This understanding uniquely positions us to be your partner.

Perceptive Industries is excited to not only offer an outstanding product but provide a complete turnkey solution with our partners at Controls and Electric.

Our thermal and mechanical engineering, as well as our processing system design and integration services are used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food/dairy, water/wastewater, metal finishing and paper/pulp.

Some of our valued clients include:

Sun Chemical

Post Foods, LLC
Kraft Foods
Abbott Laboratories
Paramount Coffee
Jessup Engineering
The Magni Group

We invite you to drop by and see us anytime at our Plainwell, Michigan office or send us an email. Our purpose is to exceed your expectations.